quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2011

Disconnected from the body, this is disconnected from the soul.

Crying, I cry but I'm not sad, actually, I'm not even feeling anything but maybe my body is. I'm sick of watching over and over myself from out of my body. I see my body doing stuff, saying things and I'm not really there, I'm watching me and I ask over and over again if is that how people see me and why is not me talking.
I remember things but I feel like this memories are not mine, I remember things that I never lived, not like dejavu, I just remember and then I remember what's going next and it happens, but I know that I've never been there but I can remember that.
I don't control my body, someonelse controls it and I'm always watching 'cause I feel like someone stole my body 'cause it can't control my soul.

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