terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2011

My path.

Your eyes can shine just  like emeralds, even if they are cold, even if they are shy. We walked quietly, hidden in the woods maybe lost in our own minds. I always say that you could be in front of me and still too lost to be found. Are you lost in your mind? 'Cause I am. I'm lost in your perfum, in your essence, in your ways that I never had.
I didn't choose this path, it was someone else who chose for me and I just try to go along with it, hoping to one day get in the end of the tunnel and leave the start of it just to find you.
Like the path I'm too big, too glorious to be the way that everyone needs me to be. I never had this ways that I love in you and I will never have, hope some day you may see this too. I'm not like you and for me be me is everything, I'll never stop to be me for one second, even if I don't know myself or even if I don't like myself. I just know that I'll never have another ways just to everything be fine, to you stay fine. Anyone change for me, so why should I change?

I wish that everything could be different, but this is my path, my ways, myself. I prefer to take horrors than to be different. And I wish I was...

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