quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2012


There was this bubble, this little bubble that was growing up in the air, her life was in the air with magic and gardens full of roses. Once she was almost hitting the floor, she didn't wanted it but everyone that she knew said that was the future and everyone was there, in the floor.
You know what happens when a bubble hits the floor?

quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012


The sky was bright under your knees,
Your breath is still in mine.
Your eyes I can't find.
You switch from car in car.
You can not realize what I hide,
You have to be patient and kind.
Gently you find me very far,
You realize my dreams and scars.
I was in love with my own skin,
Under the lake between the dreams,
Only nightmares.
You find that is not a relief to wake up.
Smash me up into the rocks, into the floor,
Cut me up, rush my skin into yours.
The sky is bright and the birds sings in your dreams.

Take me close to paradise
The leaves are falling down.