sexta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2012

Blue melancholy.

I wish we could be happier, we are not. We are the sadness in the end of a long hard day, we are the sigh from the mouths of the workers. I wish we could smile, grow up and have kids. Be just simple as that but we are two complicated beings, the ones that the madness itches in the mind, two crushed souls upon each other. We can die safely but not satisfied. Our memories are full of blank sorrow, empty tears, hollow days. I still crave for your kiss, your skin upon mine and for all our sadness to bury me in the darkness of your thighs. I wish we could be happier, we are not but I still crave for your eyes. I'm in love with the sadness of our days, the way it's all grey and even the sea barely blue is. I wish you were mine but unfortunately you belong to your thoughts like I belong to mine. We still sink into each other like if our thoughts were made by our regret, our melancholy times.

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