quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2012

Misery comes in.

She's a very scary girl with pain in her heart.

Misery is very lost inside herself.
Afraid of going mad,
Misery hides herself under the black coat of her love,
Misery's heart cries but her eyes are dry.
A smile is suffer inserted in her wrists.
Come in little girl. - I said.
Afraid of confrontation,
Misery confused ran away.
Solitude is not a sin.
I hope for a better day when Misery comes in.
I know that deep inside herself,
Sun shines as bright as mine.
The love as gone of her life
But she'll not give in.
The smoke once again fills the air.
Her heart crawls in flame.
Misery not wanting to go mad cut's her neck,
Some people said she lost her head.
Slave of her body,
She doesn't give in,
That's when Misery comes in.

quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012

A fundo.

Once you told me you wanted to take me outside, to see me beautiful in the breeze of the city. So I could  breath more than smoke cigarette. I can't, I'm very lock in my world, I hardly breath in this smoke but It's so hazy and comfy here, out there I don't know and I miss it.
I miss the cold rushing into my skin, sometimes I even try to not wear much clothes just to feel the cold going under my flesh so I can feel that I'm still alive, it works for seconds, seconds where I can breath fresh air, only a few miserable seconds.
I'm not very human I think. Once someone told me that humans need to eat, drink and sleep. I usually don't. I eat but just because I enjoy it, I never felt hungry just a huge appetite that is never satisfied.  Only when I cut you with a broken glass and I drink your blood my appetite is gone. I enjoy it, I enjoy the surprised pain in your face. So I'm always thirst too and sleep only pills can solve it and the thought that I can be trapped again in a solitary.
Nostalgia is my sin.

segunda-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2012


The sun was rising on earth.
The birds were coming back to home.
The dreams were dying in the imagination.
The cars were slowly start to function.
The heart of the deads were alive, beating.

You were late again.

The man already spoke.
The glass was already broke.
The bus was running away.
The drops were taking the floor.

You breath, back again in time.

The man never spoke.
The glass was in the wound.
The bus right away for you.
The sky all blue.

Hours, minutes, seconds
Running all damn fast.

The moon was rising in the sky.
The body of the woman was coming back home.
The dreams were starting to born in the mind.
The cars stopped the noise.
The heart slowly into coma.