quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012

A fundo.

Once you told me you wanted to take me outside, to see me beautiful in the breeze of the city. So I could  breath more than smoke cigarette. I can't, I'm very lock in my world, I hardly breath in this smoke but It's so hazy and comfy here, out there I don't know and I miss it.
I miss the cold rushing into my skin, sometimes I even try to not wear much clothes just to feel the cold going under my flesh so I can feel that I'm still alive, it works for seconds, seconds where I can breath fresh air, only a few miserable seconds.
I'm not very human I think. Once someone told me that humans need to eat, drink and sleep. I usually don't. I eat but just because I enjoy it, I never felt hungry just a huge appetite that is never satisfied.  Only when I cut you with a broken glass and I drink your blood my appetite is gone. I enjoy it, I enjoy the surprised pain in your face. So I'm always thirst too and sleep only pills can solve it and the thought that I can be trapped again in a solitary.
Nostalgia is my sin.

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