domingo, 20 de outubro de 2013

A condição humana é um aperto no peito que nos faz delirar.
O constante temer de não poder parar.

Vazio que nos entranha a alma,
Que nos corroi e nos faz perder a calma.

O pensamento, uma artimanha
Um pesar que nos arranha.

A constante luta que nos faz arder.
A ilusão de prever o que poderíamos ser.

terça-feira, 15 de outubro de 2013

I used to crawl in your chest, 
Like an anxious being.
Now I no longer die in our nest.
You used to fill me with kindness,
Now I'm dying with your cruelness.
My eyes pour blood
To my cheeks, to my breast.
I drown myself in mud
Waiting for your blast.
My pain embodies up
Infuriates me fast,
I go nuts, I blow up.
Shedding sighs 
That are no longer heard...
My tears fill up my teacup,
My longing becomes absurd.
I am myself a burden.

quinta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2013

Extension of life.

I don't know what are this forms,
They call it vision I call it storms.
And the buzz in my ears
Could be the sound of thousand fears.
I vomit words so you can hear
The blackness coming...
I can't really know, dear.

Inside the neals of my pain
There is an empty poison
Slipping through my veins.
Same day, reframing the voices
Can't escape from this sins.

Just another piece of flesh
Lost inside itself.
Sick of his own chains
Burning through.

The extension is messing
The extension is reneging.