domingo, 25 de janeiro de 2015

People like me.

People like me spent half of the year binging in the bed,
Reading articles about mosquitoes, crying to sleep with sheets full of blood
From all the times you cross a knife in you chest,
Because your wrists, don't have enough space left.
People like me spent half of the year not eating and not sleeping.
Going to the museums and meet too much people to even remember their name.
We spent all the insomniac nights having sex with strangers.
People like me don't know what is waking up one morning
And being sure that the walls are not melting,
That your mother was not abducted by aliens.
People like me are prescripted ten types of meds
Which you know that all of them will enter in your mouth
At the same time followed by one bottle of vodka.
People like me wake up in the hospital
Afraid that they have to leave. 

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