domingo, 25 de janeiro de 2015

To the people who stare at me in the street.

To the people who stare at me in the street,
To the people who stare at me when I pee
To the people who stare at me when I'm not me.
This starts when I was young and I couldn't understand
Why people would just plainly stare.
At first I thought they could care
With me being so young and already so lost
Unbearably, unpredictably crazy, mad and above all, frustrated.
I was fucking hallucinating that I literally could eat the colors on the wall
And people would just take the hand of their kid.... And run,
But I just wanted to have one friend who could see it with me and have fun.
I was so convicted that my fantasies were real
That I thought people would stare at me because they could feel my energy,
They could tell how powerful I was and how I could read their thoughts.
Growing up I thought I could keep this up,
I would revolutionize the world, that no longer we all would be oppressed
I had super powers, I was a visionary.
But... I also discovered that we are the oppression,
We are not oppressed from a magical being watching us from above,
We are literally stupid enough to keep staring with passion
To the one who is making the choice to fucking lick the wall!
Because we think we have the right to judge,
That we are all superior individuals with magic powers
To descriminate a human being for his own choices
Of peeing in the middle of the street
Where you fucking insult a child for licking walls.

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