terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2016

When my time comes around

My cold hands rush into your skin
And my old burned heart
Let's the peace in.
I swear from all the sins
You were the only one true within.
I never ate the forbidden fruit
Until the wolf made me bleed
He thought he was so astute
That he even pretended I wouldn't plant the seed
To make him being poison feed.
I swear now that my only god
Is the shiny stars above us
And the only thing now that I can be openly loud
Is the love I have found,
Far away from your lies,
Where I don't have a tear in my eyes.
When all the life burns out
You know where I am to be found
If heaven still speaks to me
It's because I am more grateful and free.
No sorrow will hold me in the ground,
All the tears have dried
With the sun that burst me into flames
Like a fenix I died
To be reborn again from ashes.
I have a call
From all the angels that helped me,
I will not let them fail
In the process of making me reborn.
Giving up on everything for you
Was cheating myself
For a cold end blue.
Now that the sky can hear my testimony
I hope father forgives my sins
I was wrong to leave him
When I let you get in.
Don't ever confuse me with a sheep
Because my life isn't cheap
The last drop of blood spilled
Was my knife in your heart
So you could learn how to kill in the front
Because the knives I had in the back
Only made me stronger.

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