domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

I am different today ººº

I am different as yesterday, the sun is shining above me, the street smells like flowers and I have a new lover. How she makes and keeps me happy, I don't know... I'm a giant baby and she's my progenitor. We went to the park and ate Ice cream, yesterday we went to visit a village, we go out and eat a lot. Lots of fruit and lots of sun and lots of chocolate and lots of love to my baby belly.
I live with my cat, and I have a plant, and I have a lover, and I have lovely hot bitches, we eat a lot. And sometimes we fight but most of the time we laugh.
I am happy and sometimes I think it won't last, so I don't write about it. But I have yellow painting running through me every day.
Sometimes I get red, most of the time orange but all the time is yellow.
My life is yellow.
I went to the ophthalmologist and he dropped a liquid in my eyes, I started to cry yellow tears that's when I knew I was yellow inside as much I am outside.
Today is sunny like my life.
Yesterday I stole a book and today I bought a painting for 50 cents. The paint looks like me when I was a child, blonde hair and crying eyes. It's a creepy painting, but so am I.

Happy birthday sister ~~~

sábado, 2 de abril de 2016

Inverno Inferno

Intalo a garganta,
Cobro-me com uma manta.

Mergulho em mim
Até ao fim.

Sento-me ao pé
De ti, com fé.

Fé que me segures,
E me cures.

Joelhos no chão,
Dor no coração.

Arma junto à cara,
Grito, PÁRA!


I'm feeling cold, I'm feeling blue.